Our Services

Creating the right media strategy

A&K Marketing formulates media plans for each of our clients. After assessing clients’ goals, needs and initiatives, we perform a complete analysis of successes and failures of previous campaigns and examination of challenges presented from competitors and economic and market conditions.


Our process always begins with addressing and assessing clients’ goals, expectations, and needs:

  • What is the message? Call to action or branding?
  • What are the goals of the campaign: Long-term clients? Immediate traffic? Recruitment?
  • How will the results be measured by the client?
  • Over what time frame will the campaign be implemented?

Market analysis

Conduct demographic/behavioral/psychographic research to determine who is the targeted consumer.

  • What is their typical buying behavior?
  • What is their typical media behavior – what are they watching, viewing, reading, etc.?
  • What are competitors doing: Where are they advertising? How often? What are they spending?
  • Based on pre-determined budget and goals – what medium or media will best reach the targeted audience, and ultimately initiate the goals?

Develop the media plan

Media plans are developed from this research to have the optimum reach and frequency and deliver pre-determined goals while staying within the budget.

Media choice and media mix are determined based on market size, target, and budget.

Why Choose Us?

» Experienced

We are a media agency with more than 25 years of experience in media: market research, media budget planning, media buying, auditing, and reconciliation.

» Budget-minded

We provide the best value and results for our clients from their media budgets.

» Up-to-date methods

Through monthly webinars and training seminars, we stay up-to-date with the ever-changing media trends, buying strategies and audience delivery methods.

» Results-driven

Our philosophy is to provide the best service and best results for our clients. Nothing less will do.

» Negotiating power

We diligently negotiate to provide the best rates, media strategy and value-added opportunities for our clients.

» National reach

We represent clients throughout the United States, performing media budget planning and media buys locally, regionally and nationally.